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The Naked Baking Ladies is a concept with roots in health and prosperity. It began in 1999 with a non-profit organization, “Time For Life” founded by Marci Moreau to assist families of children diagnosed with cancer. Actually, it began the day she heard her daughter had cancer, as a result, Marci developed a summer program on the island of Martha’s Vineyard which afforded these families the opportunity to spend five days with other families living in the midst of childhood cancer. Educated in the field of psycho-oncology, Marci understood the very nature of such a program facilitates the therapeutic process of emotional healing. At the same time, armed with a background in culinary arts and a dedicated advocate for clean eating, Marci appreciated the potential impact when these two worlds converge.

It did not take long for this program to become embedded into the fabric of the Vineyard. Instantly the island fell in love with Time For Life. Native islanders came out in droves to help with this wonderful organization. An amazing group of volunteers consisting of retired teachers, business people, fisherman, and restaurant owners spearheaded numerous activities and events. Eventually becoming our namesake, “The Naked Baking Ladies”, (a large group of women and one man) filled the houses with baked goods and treats beautifully arranged to greet the families upon their arrival.

"The Naked Baking Ladies is a concept with roots in health and prosperity."

Food continued to take center stage as Marci worked with local farms to develop recipes that were healthy and delicious. The abundance of fresh, local and organic food made it possible to build a repertoire of recipes to become the foundation for the Naked Baking Ladies concept. Pesto sauces prepared with health-enhancing dark greens and herbs painted the pasta at the dinner table. Barbeque sauces made with blackberries glazed the fresh fish caught by the families earlier in the day. Fresh dairy products delivered every morning by the island milk man decorated the breakfast buffet. And for every meal, each ingredient was blended, mixed and stirred into a perfect combination of nutrition and taste. Good clean food, prepared in a manner that creates healthy powerful offerings; food that nourishes the soul and strengthens the body.

And so our culinary philosophy was born. The Naked Baking Ladies introduces the concept of “naked” cooking, expressly using nourishing organic, unprocessed superfood ingredients to create amazingly delicious and accessible recipes. It is our culinary philosophy that if you begin with quality food, the less you do in the cooking process, the better the final product.

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